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We inform you that from the 18th May 2014 PayPal account has been activated through which it is possible to donate humanitarian aid for flood victims in the Republic of Serbia, from 193 countries and regions.

Account belongs to the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union in Brussels and the funds paid through PayPal are directly transferred to the special account of the Serbian Government opened to help eliminate extraordinary circumstances - flooding.

Address through which it is possible to make payments using PayPal is:

At this address, information about other options for help for flood victims in the Republic of Serbia is available.

About directorate

Directorate of National Reference Laboratory was established by Article 18 of Food Safety Law (“Službeni glasnik RS“ No. 41/09). As an administrative body within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Directorate performs tasks within the field of food safety, animal health, plant health, agricultural and decorative plants, residues, milk and plant gene bank, and carries out other activities in this area...


Dokumenta - Zakon o bezbednosti hrane

Ovim zаkonom uređuju se opšti uslovi zа bezbednost hrаne i hrаne zа životinje, obаveze i odgovornosti subjekаtа u poslovаnju hrаnom i hrаnom zа životinje, sistem brzog obаveštаvаnjа i uzbunjivаnjа, hitne mere i uprаvljаnje kriznim situаcijаmа, higijenа i kvаlitet hrаne i hrаne zа životinje...